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What Insects & Pests are Out & Most Active During Fall in Egg Harbor, NJ? Wasps, Spiders, Rodents & More

While you may have noticed that the pest activity around you has drastically slowed down since the height of summer; that is no reason to let your guard down. There are still several types of pests that can be a big problem in the fall months leading up to winter. You just need to make a shift to ensure that they aren’t a problem in your home. Part of that is knowing what kind of pests to be watching for. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about what pests you should be on the lookout for this fall.

What Fall Pests Should I Be Worried About?

There are plenty of pests that you still need to be aware of as we make the switch from summer to fall. Following is a list of the most common pests that are still plenty active during the cool fall weather.
– Stink Bugs: While the biggest threat that stink bugs hold against people is the smell that they release when they feel threatened or have been killed, it still isn’t a pest that you want in your home. They are going to be looking for a warm place to hibernate this winter though, and your home is the perfect place. Many homeowners will simply vacuum this pest up rather than smash it because of the smell, but they can release it when vacuumed because they feel threatened.
– Spiders: There is a reason that spiders are stars during the Halloween season. These pests are extremely active during the fall months. Most spiders don’t pose any real threat to humans, but most of us still don’t want to see them crawling around our house and making messy webs. You need to be extremely careful if you come across a black widow spider or a brown recluse.
– Wasps: As the weather starts to take a steep decline in temperature, wasps are going to get more aggressive. This is mostly because they are hungry and looking for food. It is also because they are looking for somewhere to winter over. Your home makes the perfect place for this to happen.
– Cockroaches: These pests carry with them a number of different germs and diseases. One more reason you don’t want these creepy, crawly creatures in your home. Unfortunately, during the fall months you have to be vigilant to keep them out of your home. They will get in by any means necessary to get away from the colder temperatures.
– Rodents: As the weather gets colder, these pests will also be making their way indoors. Seal off any entries that they could use to get into your home to make sure they don’t become a problem.

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