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How to Naturally Keep House Spiders Away from Your Deptford, NJ House, Garage & Shed

Did you know that more people are scared of spiders than any other phobia? These creepy, crawly pests can elicit fear almost instantly in many people. Not only that, but no one wants to look in the corners of their room to see cobwebs with spiders crawling around them. There are several natural ways to keep these pests out of your home. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to share some tips to help you avoid the common house spider in your home this winter.

Where Do Spiders Hide During the Day?

While many people are scared of spiders, they are actually pretty shy creatures. They want no more to do with you than you do with them. That’s why they will most likely be found in places that aren’t touched by people. They prefer corners and many of them like to hide out in dark areas. Sometimes, if there are boxes and items that are untouched for a long period of time, they will build their webs in and around those items. You can eliminate these areas as much as possible by removing clutter from your home and cleaning it thoroughly. Some places you may find them hiding in these common areas:

  • Basements
  • Cracks in walls
  • Piles of newspapers & magazines
  • Untouched closets
  • Real & fake houseplants
  • Corners & ceilings

Natural Spider Repellent Recipe

Aside from cleaning your home thoroughly to get rid of cobwebs and spiders, you can also whip up a spider repellant using ingredients that are likely found in your home already. They don’t like peppermint or vinegar which makes these two things ideal for keeping spiders away. Mixing ½ cup vinegar with 1 ½ cups water as well as 10 drops of peppermint oil, you now have a spray that will repel them. Spray this spray in areas that you have frequently seen spider activity.

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

When you combine the spider spray with these tips listed below, you will hopefully see the spider activity in your home plummet.

  • Ensure windows and doors are properly sealed.
  • Seal any cracks found in your home’s foundation.
  • Stack firewood at least 20 feet from your home.
  • Trim your landscaping plants and shrubs so that they aren’t overgrown and a good place for spiders to hide.
  • Close your chimney flue when you aren’t using your fireplace.
  • Place spider glue traps where you often see spider activity.

Spider Control

If you have a spider problem no matter what steps you take to try and get rid of them, you may be dealing with an infestation. Spider infestations can be incredibly difficult to tackle on your own without the proper tools and training. At Ross Environmental Solutions, we will ensure your home is free from pesky spiders and other pests. Don’t deal with this problem any longer, call us today!

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