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Home Repair Services in Bridgeton, NJ; Why Hire a Handyman & What Work Can They Do?

Homeowners will hire the services of a handyman when they think a task is beyond their capabilities. They might need to install a dishwasher, build a deck, replace a toilet, or just hang a few pictures. The job can be big or small when you hire a handyman to do it. You can hire them because you don’t know how to do something or you just don’t want to; with zero guilt!

Sample Handyman Home Repairs Job List

1. Paint touch-ups. There are lots of reasons that you might need paint touchups in your home. If they aren’t done the right way, the touchups will stick out like a sore thumb. You’ll notice it more than the reason you touched it up in the first place. This will of course be after you taken the time and steps to do it. Consider hiring a handyman to do it right the first time.
2. Changing a light fixture. Just like a new faucet, new light fixtures can update the look of your home. To reduce the chance of electrocution as you wobble on top of a ladder, have a handyman install it for you. Not only can you hurt yourself, you can break the light fixture too!
3. Cleaning gutters. This is not a fun job, but it’s important to do. Gutters that are clogged can’t properly control water flow and puts your roof, foundation and landscaping at risk. Sure, you can grab a ladder and climb on up, but you might fall and hurt yourself in the process. Save yourself the time and effort the job takes and hire a handyman.
4. Putting furniture together. Many a fight starts with furniture assembly. Everyone starts the process of putting furniture together with the best intentions and in a good mood. This can quickly change just 10 minutes into the assembly. Stay calm and hire a handyman to sort through the bag of parts and figure out how it needs to be put together. It might save your marriage!
5. Hanging artwork. Even though it’s a simple job, it can get complicated quickly. Did you know that artwork should be hung at a certain height? It should be hung at the average human height which is at about 5’7”. Artwork can also be very heavy. You will need to find a stud and you’ll want it all to be level. Hire a handyman to make sure your artwork is hung correctly.

Handyman Services

Hiring a handyman service is worth it. We can get an entire to-do list done in not time, and because we can handle a wide variety of tasks you can get it all done at once without calling multiple people. Contact Ross Environmental Services today!

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