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Fall Pest Crawl in Cherry Hill, NJ; How to Keep Pests Out of Your House with Home Sealing & More

The weather is finally starting to cool off, and many people are looking forward to being able to let their guard down when it comes to the bugs that summer months bring. But this is a bad idea. The fall months are a time that you should be keenly aware of pests as they are sensing the change in the weather and will be seeking refuge from the storms ahead. Ross Environmental Solutions is here to talk about how you can protect your home this fall from many of the pests looking for somewhere warm to wait out winter.

Home Sealing for Pest Control

Pests can gain access into your home in even the smallest of openings. It is essential that you guard your home by closing all of these common entry points to keep pests out this fall. Your home has three essential things that pests need to survive and even thrive during the winter: food, water and warmth. They will do almost anything to reach these three things in order to survive. The first place you should look is your windows and doors. If there are even tiny cracks, seal them with a new bead of caulking. Check your attic for light leaks as well as other areas of your home. If you can see light shining through small openings, this means two things: you are going to feel some strong drafts during this winter and pests can totally get into your home. Do whatever you need to do to repair these areas as soon as possible. Lastly, check the caulking around your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. These areas are more prone to pests because of the water source.

Don’t Leave out Food that Attracts Roaches, Ants & Other Pests

Keeping your home, and especially your kitchen, clean will do wonders for any pest problem. Pests are looking for a food source and even the tiniest crumbs will do. Keep your floors swept and never leave dirty dishes in your sink overnight to avoid attracting unwanted pests.

How to Keep Bugs out of Firewood

There may be some habits you have that should be changed because they are attracting pests. One of the first winter time no no’s has to do with your firewood. Firewood is home to several different types of pests. For this reason, you need to store it at least three feet away from your home. Just keep a small amount of wood near your home that will be used up within a few days. You should also store your trash and recycling cans far from your home to avoid attracting unwanted pests as well. Most pests are highly attracted to rotten or rotting food.

Year Round Pest Control

If you are feeling you are overrun with pests this fall, you can count on the pest control experts at Ross Environmental Solutions to help you get rid of the problem. We will help you fortify your home to keep pests out this winter. Call us today!

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