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Are Occasional Invader Silverfish Harmful in Kitchens, Bathrooms & Attics Deptford, NJ Homes?

As if common pests such as cockroaches, spiders, and ants that creep into our homes and businesses aren’t enough; we also have to deal with the occasional invaders such as earwigs, centipedes, and silverfish as well. Most people have seen these occasional invaders enough to know what they look like when they intrude our homes. Though most occasional invaders do not pose as much as a health concern or risk to property damage as some of the other common pests, they can still contribute enough, especially if an infestation gets immense, to be more than a nuisance. At this time, we at Ross Environmental Solutions, Inc would like to share some basic information concerning silverfish in your New Jersey home or business.

Silverfish Identification

More or less average in color, silverfish generally range from white to brown-gray and bluish-silver. Their distinctive teardrop-shaped body features three long bristles on the rear and averages between ½ and ¾ inches long often discerns them from other insects. Silverfish are frequently crawling in stored boxes in garages and sheds as a result being attracted to damp fabrics and paper. With their fondness for moist areas, the kitchen, bathroom, and attics are the highest likely places they are found inside homes. Though they prefer the moisture, they can adapt to any climate.

Silverfish Diet & Damage to Homes

A silverfish’s diet includes a variety of carbohydrates, sugars, starches, unpackaged goods, in addition to the linen, silk, shampoos, glue in books, as well as dead insects. Often to satisfy their tastes, silverfish will destroy clothes, vintage clothing, books, and wallpaper among similar items. They are attracted to dirty dishes left in the sink so they can easily slip through cracks in the foundation, gaps around the door frames, and torn screens to get to it. Not only can they come inside, but they can be brought in as they often are stowed away in plastic containers and cardboard boxes from stores they were recently infesting.

Are Silverfish Harmful?

Some people can have their allergies triggered by silverfish, but they are not a major health concern as they do not transmit or spread diseases. However, they can attract predatory insects, such as carpet beetles. They are likely to cause a frustrating amount of damage to paper, clothing, books, and other related items, and their tiny pepper-like feces around the damp corners is a strong is a strong indication your home is infested. Silverfish are nocturnal, quick, and secretive so seeing them may not always be the obvious sign, but they do crawl along tubs and sinks. Because of their elusive behavior, an infestation can go unnoticed and their numbers grow and get quickly out of control. Their preference to moisture has a tendency to have them congregate in these areas where the nymphs will also develop quicker. But as mentioned earlier, they are adaptable and they can live in any climate.

Occasional Invader Pest Inspections & Control

Store food in sealable containers, keep the trash can lids secure, install baseboards with caulking in basements, housekeeping duties, to minimize silverfish. If you have silverfish in your home, call Ross Environmental Solutions, Inc today and let us take care of the rest.

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