Fighting Flies of All Types

Buzzzzz . . .Is that a fly in your house? Even during the colder months of the year, you may still find flies in your house, and dealing with them can be a real problem. Here’s a quick overview of some of the flies you may be fighting.

  • Be-Fruit-fly-freeFruit Flies: Just four millimeters in length, fruit flies can drive you crazy in a hurry. They can be active all year long, and they love to eat ripened fruit or vegetables, so you may see them buzzing around those delicious bananas on your kitchen counter. Their life cycle can last up to 25 days, and you may find them in your kitchen, near your trash can, or near any fruits or vegetables in your home. They can reproduce very rapidly, and they’re tough to get rid of in many cases.
  • House Flies: These are perhaps the most common type of fly throughout the United States. The problem is that they can carry more than 100 types of diseases with them wherever they go, and given that they’ll be happy to stay in your home and breed all winter, taking care of the problem is an absolute must. They can eat almost anything, including excrement, and controlling them if you have an infestation will take quite a bit more than a fly swatter.
  • Drain Flies: Also called moth flies, these are a serious nuisance. They’ll be happy to show up in your kitchen or bathroom without an invitation. Despite their tiny size (they tend to be just 1.5 millimeters in length), they’ll reproduce rapidly, leading to a fast infestation. The key is removing the breeding site, but often you need professional help to do so.
  • Bottle Flies: These are also sometimes called blow flies, and you’ll know them when you see them thanks to a characteristic buzzing sound. They’re most often found indoors, and like most flies, they breed at an excessive pace. Keeping them out means lots of strict sanitation measures in your home.

Having trouble with these flies? Worried because you have no idea what type of fly you keep seeing in your home? Contact Ross Environmental today for an evaluation and help getting these pesky nuisances out of your home.

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